Case Referral Consent

Case Referral - General Conditions

By referring a case to Magic Law Group, you hereby agree to the following conditions:

You will not submit a case that is irrelevant to the areas of law we practice

While we do not wish to limit our practice, we do not handle unfamiliar cases and may decline handling the case ourselves or refer it out to another partner. This is extremely important to avoid any unwanted notions of poor law practice ethics and even malpractice.

We shall not make the first contact; the client will make first contact

It is illegal to solicit a client under ABA Model Rule 7.3. By having the client reach out to us, we will have an understanding that they have not engaged or employed an attorney for their case yet and wish to discuss the matter.

All referral fees will be subject to the “Rules of Professional Conduct” and client approval

The Rules of Professional Conduct require attorneys to disclose that you are paying a referral fee and have obtained the client’s approval.

A copy of the client’s information will be stored on our databases

To upkeep the quality of our referral network, we will store a copy of all the data pertaining to each referred case along with the information to improve our services and identify all referral sources consistently.

Straightforward Referral Process

When you refer a case, our team will directly reach out to you and we shall review the case and all associated records, consult with you and your client, and analyze the case. Once your client’s case has been reviewed, we will also protect your referral/co-counsel fee as allowed by state rules of professional conduct. To get started, click on the button below:
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